For society silence is an abomination, for the individual it is bliss.

May 2022

Our actions and intentions do not need to be paraded for all to see.

April 2022

Even with full knowledge of the horrors of life we can still derive pleasure from it.

March 2022

You will always be dissatisfied until you fully accept that you will always be dissatisfied.
You are not responsible for current or past actions. Since you are a mental automaton exclusively driven by cause and effect it would be a folly to…
Happiness is unstable while unhappiness is stable.

January 2022

Dogma is a poor substitute for understanding
It is your expectations that make you unhappy.
Everything exists as a separate entity until it doesn't.

December 2021

At this time when most people make desperate efforts to be happy, real happiness can be got by doing exactly the opposite of the crowd.
If you disdain something it has no power over you.
Living is an exercise in power