Our waking hours do not represent our prime time, so let's play.
For when you have nothing better to do.
The world offers us sensory and emotional gifts every day,
Some things enhance you and other things will diminish you. Pick the things that enhance you.
If you find this universe unsatisfactory you can always teleport to a parallel universe.
There is one thing we need to know about ourselves that would make life much much simpler.
Practices and knowledge for inner freedom.
Instead of the rantings of the insane we can understand the divine from what is before our eyes.
We place our attention on the unreal, and completely ignore the real.
Pessimism light misses the point. Deep pessimism is a source of unending happiness.
We should not live and die like a dog.
Anti-realities are convenient and comforting, but they also come at a price.